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The Media Studies Group, India, (MSGI) is a Delhi based think tank on media and communication studies. It is a society, registered under Societies Registration Act-1860. Led by Anil Chamadia, a leading media personality, scholar and academician, Media Studies Group is an initiative of journalists, thinkers and academicians of mass communications. Media Studies Group is a non-profit organization and follows a restrictive policy on advertising in its publications and contributions. The think tank besides other activities centered on media and communications also publishes two widely acclaimed and circulated journals Mass Media and Jan Media in English and Hindi respectively. Both these journals have independent content policy instead of translation of each other.

Media Studies Group in its constant endeavour to debate media content and issues of communication in public domain carry out research and training programme aimed to journalists, media academicians and students of mass communications.  The group is actively involved in academic work to study media and its impact on society and published background dossiers, research papers, surveys and articles.

Media Studies Group also conducts seminars, round table with editors and other stake holders of media, participate in debate on television shows and in other public events through its members in various cities across India.

This group had done a survey to ascertain social background of the journalists in 40 ‘national’ media organizations. This group had released this survey report in June, 2006. The result of the survey was surprising and acclaimed by the conscious people not only in India but abroad too.  In fact, the survey report led a hot discussion and debate among intelligentsia as well as conscious readers. Several electronic media organised talk shows on this report.

Surveys and studies conducted by Media Studies Group are widely published and broadcast by national media.

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