Studies and Surveys

Highlights of Studies and Surveys of Media Studies Group


  • Survey on All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AI I MS) finds that more than 50% doctors of after obtaining degrees from AIIMS leave India. Widely carried by national media including TV Channels.
  • Survey on the National Channel of DD Urdu on its condition in respect to its objective.
  • Seminar on deplorable condition of Indian languages in Parliament at Press Club of India.
  • Study on language used in traffic signs in the National Capital.
  • Study on the health and working conditions of journalists.
  • A Survey among media persons and round table with editors on delay in telecast of ‘Cash for Vote’ sting operation by CNN-IBN. T
  • Two –day national workshop for journalists in Delhi on 21 and 22 March 2010.
  • The Group also monitors the content and behavior of TV channels and newspapers.
  • First to submit detailed study and representation on Paid News to Election Commission of India.
  • National level survey on representation of women in media and gender imbalance in media houses.
  • Conducted an evaluation of state media training with an inspection of social and professional utility.

Trends of Monopolization of Opinion through TV debates during Emergency and up to 2011.

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